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Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil, 1 Ltr - 3 Months Subscription - FoodNosh

Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil, 1 Ltr - 3 Months Subscription


  • ₹ 2,109.00
  • Save ₹ 138

  • Cooks in 1/ 3rd quantity of other edible oils
  • Product Of Italy
  • Suitable for all types of Indian cuisine and deep frying
  • Very high smoke point (238C) - Higher than sunflower, safflower, palm, soya, peanut
  • Makes food 3 times light
  • Has neutral taste and aroma

Leonardo pomace olive oil is a light oil with neutral taste and flavor and is the most suitable oil for indian cuisine. Olive pomace oil is the cooking grade oil and can be used for all methods, types and varieties of indian cooking; it neither changes the taste nor presents any difficulties while cooking. Indian cuisine, whether fried, roasted, bhunoe-ing or cooked by any other method, tastes as good with olive pomace oil as with sunflower, safflower, corn or any other oil. Lwonardo pomace olive oil hardly penetrates the food, leaving it light and digestible.

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